Company GoZERO
Phone 07 3121 3179
Website Link Visit Link Here
Address Line 1 160 Samford Rd
Suburb Brisbane
Postcode 4051
Country Australia
State/Province Queensland
distance: 1,827 Kilometers
Address 160 Samford Rd, Brisbane QLD 4051
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What does GoZERO do?

GoZERO delivers for commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings “intelligent and integrated clean energy solutions for a guaranteed significantly lower power bill”. The main focus is contestable customers, for example, in Queensland customers using over 100 MWh of electricity per year on demand charges.

  • Our solutions include reducing peak demand charges, which can be up to 50% of a bill, by storing the sun in batteries along with intelligent software controls. We call this “intelligent batteries”.
  • Plus we can install the “intelligent batteries” and solar PV with PFC equipment on a service basis with no CAPEX contribution from the customer with the energy savings shared to pay for the system.

How is GoZERO unique?

We understand that GoZERO is the only company in Australia that has an “intelligent battery” solution to economically address peak demand charges in commercial buildings

  • That is the unique combination of advanced intelligent software with a battery coupled with the installation of PFC equipment and solar PV on a services basis where we share in the savings with the customer.
  • Batteries plus Intelligent Software from GoZERO reduces the demand charges in commercial & industrial buildings
  • We also offer energy storage as a service to commercial customers – that is you do not need to pay for the battery as we install it and maintain it and we share in the savings realised to pay for the equipment
  • Plus we are global battery experts across many chemistries – having many years experience utilising and developing integrated applications for batteries in numerous applications.

No Obligation Engineering Analysis – GoPREDICTTM

We take an engineering approach to analysing your energy usage to come up with an optimum savings proposal for your situation. We have designed a proprietary software tool to undertake this analysis which we call GoPREDICTTM

  • GoPREDICTTM undertakes a detailed analysis of your energy usage to optimise the energy savings solution for each building, that is, finding the least cost capital investment in solar, PFC and batteries that delivers maximised savings for best ROI
  • The GoZERO synergistic approach delivers an improved ROI by up to 20% compared to traditional solar industry methods along with our performance guarantee called GoSAVETM

GoSAVETM is our performance guarantee. Any shortfall in our promise we simply refund you the difference. The detailed engineering modelling in GoPREDICTTM enables GoZERO to provide a 10 year performance guarantee called GoSAVETM, in addition to manufacturer equipment warranties and installer warranties.


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